Pink Pancakes & Packing

So as my last breakfast at home this summer, I decided to make one of my sisters favorites: pink pancakes. Nothing real special about them other than the fact that they got a bit of red food coloring in them, but evidentially it makes pancakes taste better (all I cared about was making them into the shape of Mickey Mouse).

In any case, the past week or so being home has been so quick! About eight hours from now, I’ll be in Fort Washington, PA for a week-long orientation for the missions trip. I will then fly out June 9th from Philadelphia. It’s been a great five months or so getting prepared and it’s finally here (whether I’m completely packed or not).

As I’ve mentioned to many of you, contact during the summer will be mostly be by email, Skype, and snail mail. All contact information is under the “Where to Find Me” tab at the top of this page. Please don’t hesitate to contact me or think that I won’t have enough time to talk to you. I will only have internet access about once a week on Sundays (beware, I am five hours ahead EST for those of you who want to Skype), but I am so grateful to hear from any of you reading this and dearly covet your prayers. Also, please let me know of any ways I can be praying for YOU (and yes, YOU means YOU who are reading this very page).

Thank you again for all your support in prayers, finances, and everything else! Hope to hear from you soon. =]

In His service,




At the end of every Spring semester, our chapter of Intervaristy Christian Fellowship goes to a retreat at Rockbridge in Goshen, VA with several other schools from the surrounding area. During this retreat, each individual chooses what track they want to do whether it’s training for being a new small group leader, leading the in coordinating team, or many others. Since I wasn’t a new small group leader this year and wasn’t on the coordinating team, I chose to do a track called Connecting to God (lovingly known now as “C2G”).

From the beginning of this week, I had no idea what to expect. Rockbridge after my freshman year was far from uplifting by the time I left, so my prayer to Jesus was to remove the focus from me, and direct my attention to Him during this retreat.

He wasted no time in answering my prayer. Between blessing me with opportunities to pray with and for other people in our chapter and revealing Himself to me through prayer and His word, I was overwhelmed with joy at the countless ways he answered my prayer. The Holy Spirit seemed to be so alive and active, especially from what I witnessed and experienced in my track. I was in awe and adoration of our Lord. Praise God!

Here is a passage in particular that really stood out during this past week was from Isaiah 40:10-11 (read the rest though… it’s a powerful chapter =] ). When caught up so much business, sometimes it’s hard to remember our God most high, El Elyon, really knows what he’s doing. Who am I to question Him with how he planned my life?

See, the Sovereign LORD comes with power,
and he rules with a mighty arm.
See, his reward is with him,
and his recompense accompanies him.
He tends his flock like a shepherd:
He gathers the lambs in his arms
and carries them close to his heart;
he gently leads those that have young.

A Time to Refocus

5 days till exams end.
22 till orientation.
30 till my flight leaves out of Philadelphia for Birmingham.

*head spins off*

Slight exaggeration, but I’m sure most of you know the feeling. Everything unimportant is urgent, and none of it can wait. Everything important isn’t pressing at the moment, but if put off too long, is painful to repair.

Spending time with Jesus definitely seems to be one of those “important yet unpressing” things in my life and as summer quickly approaches, it’s hard to see where and when I can dedicate that time to him. Very hard to make time amongst exams and life for the very person who saved me from a life of constant uncertainty and eternal death and pain. No big deal right? Um…. WRONG.

This past semester I have had the awesome privileged of studying and picking apart the gospel of John with two friends of mine, one who is familiar with the life of Christ and one who isn’t. Up until the past couple of months, I had seen Jesus from a completely different perspective simply from discussion with someone who had little to no knowledge of Jesus’ life. I had only vaguely seen the man whom John the Baptist prepared the way for several years before he came to earth, the man who demonstrated such love for an outcast woman, and the man who called himself the “bread of life.” What kind of guy was this? Only the guy who turned this whole world upside down. Only the guy who my life and my purpose in going to Birmingham is about.

So something to think about: who is this guy to you? Is he simply just a man who performed miracles and did good things during his life? Is he only a “phone a friend” type person who you only call when you’re stuck in a tight spot? Take time to go deep. Open one of the gospel books and really think about why such a man would even come here in the first place. I really think you’ll be surprised with what God shows you.