In the Land of Eire

I apologize ahead of time if this post doesn’t make much sense. Another American intern and myself were able to get away this weekend to visit Betel of Ireland and I am taking advantage of the extra internet time. =]

In any case, it’s been such a blessing to wander around Ireland seeing everything from the Irish Sea, to the numerous cathedrals in Dublin, to simply just spending time with the couple (especially the wife) who run Betel of Ireland. Unlike Britain, it’s very hard for Ireland to keep many of their guys in Betel. Currently, they have eight guys living in the men’s house and no women’s house yet. It can be really frustrating and hard not seeing fruit coming from the ministry quickly, but seeing God work in even this small part of Betel is amazing.

At times it’s very easy to only look at situations from a short term perspective instead of living in faith that our mighty God will provide. And by living in faith I mean approaching every moment with the anticipation that God’s going to blow your mind with something.

– As mentioned, prayer for perseverance for the couple leading Betel in Ireland
– Continued patience with one another in our houses back in England
– Continued joy as I (and the other American intern here) finish up our last couple weeks… bittersweet they may be

Culture Corner:
In Ireland, a game called “Gaelic Football” is played within the country (Australia is the only other country that plays a game similar to it, but their rules vary a bit more). The ball is much like a football (or soccerball for the Americans out there) and it can be dribbled, kicked, or passed; a VERY fast paced game. Think American football, meets soccer, meets volleyball, meets… well just Youtube it.


Moved in!

All Oldbury girls have moved into their new homes! Thank you so much for your prayers. We definitely had a smooth move and a really good transition into our lovely new abode. Prior to the move, the girl’s houses were a good 20minutes away from each other, which meant fellowship and community time for the girls was kind of difficult. But now, we barely have to step out the door to see our neighboring sisters.

When I first arrived, living in community here was described to me as a “pressure cooker of sanctification.” Hits the nail right on the head.

Everyday consists of eating, working, and everything else together. We have the opportunity to have incredible conversations about life, struggles, joys, and pains. It is such a vulnerable place for God to shape and mold us, that I can’t thank Him enough that I can first hand witness his work. Living at a comfortable temperature in life is an easy place to fall into, but room temperature doesn’t exactly cook food to a consumable state. I would really challenge you (and I’m speaking to the choir here) that if you live in room temperature pot, step into the pressure cooker and see how God can heat up your life.

Prayers & Praises:
– Move went well!
– Strength for our new girl as she gets ready to start working jobs this week and go to church for the first time

Culture Corner:
– Baked beans on toast is a common breakfast here. Tried it for the first time this morning and it was actually quite tasty.

Fish & Chips

It’s hard to even decide where to begin to describe what’s been going on in Birmingham the past couple weeks. The days are incredibly quick, full, and at times entirely exhausting. People coming and going, praises being sung and spiritual battles raging, but in the midst of it all, God has dominion, power, and everything in His hands. What a wonderful promise He has given to us, yet so hard to remember.

Don’t have much time to write, but if you could keep us in your prayers this week (especially with our move), it would be really appreciated!

– Opportunity to meet with all the Betel centers this past weekend for a worship/conference
– Our newest new girl is doing really well

– We are moving to a new house down the road this week (Tuesday… as of now); chaos (very much an understatement  ) would be minimal
– Hearts would be open to change and healing would continue to take place
– Finances are really under pressure at the moment especially rent payments; prayer that God would provide just enough for us

Culture Corner:
Different cuts of potatoes have very specific names. For instance:
– Crisps: basically potato chips
– Chips: French fries
– Wedges: thicker fries in a half moon shape

And one of the most artery clogging delicacy I tried while trying fish and chips for the first time was a “chip buttie” (slice of white bread, butter, chips, and lots of vinegar and salt). The English love it, and you don’t argue with an Englishman.