And the Farewells begin…

This morning I just finished up working through exit interview material and it’s starting to sink in that I will be back to Stateside a week from today. Leaving my second family here in the girls’ houses isn’t going to be easy and I’m already receiving threats about my passport disappearing. =]

In just a couple weeks I will be returning to Virginia Tech to start my junior year and I can already tell things will not be the same. Yes, I have spent my summer sticking flyers into people’s letter boxes, bag packing at the supermarkets, working in a furniture shop, and cleaning house, but it has been so much more than that.

I have seen broken people restored. These same broken people have now stepped up into leadership and are doing the same things in other people’s lives, including mine. I have been encouraged, convicted, and humbled by these chosen people and wake up some mornings overwhelmed by the privilege I’ve had to live with them.

Now I may not be going back home to live with former alcoholic, gang leaders, or heroine addicts, but I still have a call to “bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives” (Isaiah 61:1-3). I am not limited to doing that here in Birmingham, England, but have the responsibility to carry out that command wherever I am.

This summer has been a truly incredible journey, but it won’t end the minute I get on that plane. Your many prayers and words of encouragement have been an amazing source of strength and I thank God so much for that. Hope to see most of you very soon! Cheers!

– This Sunday we will have a baptism for a handful of people here; prayer that they would be protected from second guessing themselves; praise for them making the decision to do it!
– The girls in our house in particular are suffering from quite a few tooth/neck aches, so prayer for healing would be much appreciated
– This summer we have received far more new girls than any other. Typically the rush comes in during the winter, but our house alone has had 4 new women since I’ve been here. Praise God we’re exploding!

Culture Corner:
If you’re looking for bacon as you would say in the US, you’ll find two kinds here in the supermarkets. One looks more like ham, and is simply called “bacon.” Strips of bacon (like you would normally think of) are called “bacon rashers.” Also, I tried bacon flavoured soda the other day… it’s awful, just don’t do it ever.