Reflections in the [Bridge]Water – Crossfit Staunton

 The fourth and final impactful community I’ve experienced in the Shenandoah Valley for this series is CrossFit Staunton. It probably wasn’t smart to plan this post just before our wedding, but hey better late than never right…three months later?

When I moved to Staunton, I knew I wanted to maintain some level of fun, physical activity and hoped I could also meet some new people in the area. The first day, I walked in a completely uncoordinated kid and clumsy as anything. After my first workout after the five fundamentals classes, which covered all the basic movements, I nearly made the coach poop his pants in trying to press the bar overhead and instead, threw myself backwards into a wooden post.

Got to start somewhere, right?

From there, things only got better. I slowly picked up the rhythm of this particular gym. Physically I felt stronger. Coordination became easier and overall the rigor was well, invigorating!

Since I’ve been a member the past year, I’ve seen the culture of this particular gym evolve into one amazing group of people. The owner and coaching staff have done a brilliant job embracing not only a mindset of continued physical growth, but also relational. Men, women and kids of all ages and backgrounds, body types and goals find safety in this community pursuing healthy lifestyles together.

The biggest joy of being a part of CFS was it simply added another layer to the ever growing pocket of people in my life. Crossing paths multiple times a week at work, church, home or a combination of the three was by far the best way to encouraged and be encouraged by others.

Similarly (though not through Crossfit, I’d imagine) Jesus lived with people to impact them daily. Not weekly for a simple hour but he very much became a part of many individuals lifestyle. I am filled with joy and have loved seeing how he has taught me to live in the same way in the pockets of people I have loved in Staunton.

And now flash forward three months to a new city, new husband, and new pockets to fully integrate into are ahead of me and I couldn’t be more excited to see how the Lord continues to stretch me.

How have you changed or changed others through the community around you? How does Jesus’ model of impacting lives apply to the pockets of people you interact with?


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